Autumn Winter '23/24

Introducing our captivating Autumn Winter 2023 collection, inspired by the enchanting duality of Transylvania.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of tradition with a nod to the region's timeless allure. From intricately woven patterns to warm, earthy hues, our traditional line pays homage to the cultural heritage that defines Transylvania.

On the other side, embrace the dark mystique of Dracula, as our collection unveils a modern twist on Gothic elegance. Luxurious fabrics, deep, moody tones, and subtle yet daring details capture the essence of the legendary figure. It's a fusion of tradition and vampiric allure, creating a collection that seamlessly blends heritage with a touch of the supernatural.

Discover the essence of Transylvania in every stitch, where tradition meets the mysterious, and style becomes a captivating narrative.

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